Wednesday, 14 November 2018

What makes a good friend !

Kia Ora Blogging World,
Today I will be showing you my writing about on what makes a great friend. I hope you enjoy the writing and what do you think makes a great friend? 

A genuine friend is easy to make , however some people need a little help with understanding what a genuine friendship is.

A genuine friend would always be there when your down and need someone to cheer you up. They will understand if you need some time alone.Or if something is wrong they would understand what you're going through.They also always there at the good times and bad times.They always should tell their honest opinion because for example . You have to do a speech in front of a whole school but talk so bad because your shy. But at the end of it your friend say's "Wow that was so great" but they're not telling there honest opinion so you know they wont be a genuine friend to you.

They would do things to encourage you to do things you have never done before.Always helps you when you are hurt.Always there by your side even if you dont want them.

Hope you enjoyed my writing !


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