Friday, 26 October 2018

Swimming Safety - By Sela

Hello Blogging world,
On Tuesday everyone in Harris class made a swimming slideshow because we are starting our swimming lessons next week! Me and Valerie made a cool slideshow about swimming safety. We also wanted to make the slides because its almost school holidays and summer! I hope you enjoy the slides and stay safe!


  1. Sup Sela
    Its me Patrick I did a task where I have blog on some ones blog.

  2. Hi Sela
    I am a student from Summerland Primary and our class has been looking at your classes blog and I really enjoyed this blog post. You gave me some great tips on how to swim and I will definitely try the one about having a buddy to swim with. Where did you get these awesome tips?
    Kind regards

  3. hi there Sela
    I like how you made a slide show on water safety.
    You made it very clear that you put some time and effort into this bit of work.
    Maybe you can try out using other pics but still good thinking.
    have a lovely day
    from Rhiannon

  4. Hello Sela! I'm from Summerland school, I really liked your slide because it had information about swimming that is helpful for beginners, I thought that having a swimming buddy was a great idea,I wonder how people will react to this amazing slide show!
    Kind regards, Amber

  5. Hello sela,
    great slide show about swimming I think you should make an other slide show becuase you are really good at it.Probley put more facts about swimming.

  6. Hi Sela
    I'm Stephanie from room 20 at Summerland primary school. your swimming slide show was great! and I love your show that you did I hope you can make another slide show.
    By Stephanie!

  7. Hey Sela,

    Ina here. Woah thanks for making a slide of how to swim. Now I can teach my little cousins learn how to swim. You guys did a FANTASTIC JOB and I will come back here for another post.