Friday, 12 August 2016

My Learning conversation


Hello blogging world this is my learning conversation this is what we show to our parents.its about reading maths writting.


  1. hi sela
    i can't see your witting can you chance your writing places

  2. Hi Sela
    Its Haylee from Grey main School and I am in Totara 3.
    Your writing looks really good but the only problem is wee cant see it maybe next time you should change your writing place,change the background,Change the writing color or have no back round

    1. Hi haylee
      Thank you for commenting on my blog Also thank you for giving feedback maybe next time i will know now to check if people can see my writing now.
      Do you have a class blog?
      From sela.

  3. Hi Sela
    My name is Moana and I go to Waima School.I like how you wrote about your baby brother. Next time you could think about writing about friends or family.
    blog you soon.

  4. Ki ora Sela my name is Moana I go to Waima school. I like how you’ve written about your baby brother that is so cool. I bet when he grows up he is going to love you for it. I think everyone wants to get written about. Maybe you should write about someone else next time. Make sure to check out my blog some time bye.