Monday, 25 July 2016

My baby brother and sister are born!!!

hi blogging world,
My sister and brother are born!! First my mom had her baby it was a boy named joshua siua when i meet him at the hospital he looked like the cutties thing in the wrold.The ride back home was really crazy he was crying like  somene has put him in hot lava.That was the same as my sister but the thing she didint like was staying in the carseat.They both also hated bath time.The only thing they liked was just eating and going sleep.I only get to see my sister on weekends because thats when i get to go to my dads house so that means i don't see my brother on weekends.My brother and sister are the best thing that happend in my life.

Do you have any brothers of sisters?


  1. Hi sela this picture of your brother is so so cute.

    1. kia orana
      Thank you for your positive,thoughtful,and helpful comment.
      you are a great bestie to say that thank you for comment to my blog.
      have a amazing day.

  2. KIa orana sela

    I like your picture of your baby it is buteful.What is the babies name
    I would like to know.

  3. Sela the last senescent is a little bit long you need to put some full stops so the reader can't run out of breath. ok c: