Monday, 25 July 2016

My baby brother

This is my baby brother he drinks a lot my mum always has to wake up at night like 1000 times i sometimes help with my mum to put him to sleep he will cry if someone will hold him he tries to look at me but he only can see white and black,grey  he dosent  like to be in the car because he wants to get out of his carseat all the time but my mum takes him out he only likes it only if he is slepping or listing to some songs a downlod this app the makes a sound like rain or laluba.


  1. Hi sela this picture of your brother is so so cute.

    1. kia orana
      Thank you for your positive,thoughtful,and helpful comment.
      you are a great bestie to say that thank you for comment to my blog.
      have a amazing day.

  2. KIa orana sela

    I like your picture of your baby it is buteful.What is the babies name
    I would like to know.

  3. Sela the last senescent is a little bit long you need to put some full stops so the reader can't run out of breath. ok c: